Transformative Power of the Village Corporation


The Village Corporation has  strong  advantages over other business development models   


  • Enhances local buy-in for this project – GSR provides the capital and training. The community does the work 

  • Greatly reduces risk- small farmers are risk averse. the village corporation is designed to carry the risk

  • Builds local stability through maximizing  employment -every successful farmer creates  at least three more jobs in the local economy 

  •  Price stability – robust self reliant economies automatically minimize variance. 

  • Enhances productivity affordably – GSR farming methods quickly lead to productivity commensurate with modern plantations

  • Multiplier effect  for development capital – development capital increases liquidity, each development dollar generates $7 local economic growth

  • Multiplier effect by rhizome proliferation – each successful project inspires every surrounding community to get involved. Within a few years local participation will increase dramatically  from several thousand farmers to several hundred thousand.

  •  Vertical Integration of Value Chain Building value added services for  food products  in Africa  will enhance profitability – 

  • Sustainable  - GSR’s organic farming techniques improves soil quality, enhances yields, lower costs (we teach farmers how to produce their own organic fertilizer  and pest management systems locally and