The New Paradigm in Investment

The next BIG business innovation, will not be high tech or so-called bricks and mortar developments...


GSR’s investment paradigm is deceptively simple - help rural communities transform themselves into “social corporations” and enter into deep partnership with these social corporations to develop the local economy – in effect making it possible for the people in those communities to lift themselves out of unending poverty, starvation and hopelessness, and establish comprehensive prosperity.  GSR, as an active partner, shares in this prosperity, which results in sustained profitability. Each successful village economy will unleash – by popular demand rapidly expand into a networks of interconnected village economies. A  penniless village becomes a $10 Million per year village corporation. Within a few years, there will be a network of  many $10 Million village corporations the spring up around each original project, forming integrated local economies with revenues in the billions.


This business opportunity is long-term and envisions setting in motion a development process that will continue long after our lifetimes.  The investor profile that is required is a new form of impact investing that invests in a process and a foundation for such process rather than a specified outcome.  This is the next generation of impact investing that purposely engages in social engineering, just as the industrial giants at the early part of the industrial revolution engineered our media, production and consumption patterns, current forms of education, and economic policies that persist to the present .


Therefore, the next BIG idea, the next BIG innovation, will not be high tech or so-called bricks and mortar developments, but what can be called Sustainable Community Development.  This is qualitative development—community-based, process-oriented, integrative socio-economic development.  Developing new ways to provide for life’s essentials (food, fiber and energy) while simultaneously improving the quality of life and the health of the land.  Such a development is organic and dynamic—conceived, implemented and managed holistically, built upon a strong agro ecological foundation, and firmly grounded in systems thinking and ecological reality. This firm grounding is the basis of GSR’s sustained growth.