Dr Duncan Earle
 Professor of Global Studies at California Marymount University and world renowned expert on rural development

Prof. George B.N. Ayittey 


World famous economist and author, and President of the Free Africa Foundation


Here is what some of the top rural empowerment  minds on the planet say about GSR:

GSR is the first workable and viable grass-roots develop- ment that I have seen in the past three  decades that can  lift millions of Africans out of poverty if replicated  across the continent. It does not rely on foreign aid; nor does it  rely on corrupt and incompetent African governments. Had we implemented a model such as this at independence in  the 1960s, the destiny of Africa would have been much  brighter…”

"Over the years, I came to see that what small farmers needed was an entrepreneurial approach rather than an HGO apporach - something that would incentivize local community development. GSR helps local communities  transform their communities  so they are profitable and robust. Not only do i think that GSR is a superior model - I dont think any of the alternatives are going to work."

Chris Danch, esq.
prominent lawyer and seasoned activist for  developing sustainable environmentally friendly agriculture

GSR's model of rural eocnomic development is, in all my experience and research, the best model, with the greatest potential to drastically improve the lives of millions of people and at the same time, enable the transition to more sustainable forms of agriculture. This model is not just theoretical - it works."

Dr. Donald Huisingh

 world renowned interdisciplinary  educator active in many national and international organizations, including UNEP, UNIDO, WHO, Asian Development Bank, and the World Bank 


I have known Chris Danch for many years and worked closely with him on important projects with global significance. Chris exemplifies the interdisciplinary integrated approach to solving global problems and always works with great dedication and inspiration I strongly urge you to support his campaign with the Green Self Reliance project.