India PPPIAD Project Planning

GSR is currently in the planning stages of launching a program in India with the University of Undrapradesh and India’s Department of Agriculture. Once the details are ironed out, GSR can get to work in __ province and help the local community to boost the prosperity of their markets:

We take the development process in a different stride than a regular NGO. GSR does not propose a “one size fits all solution,” rather we assess the local climate, environment, culture, records, and the people’s own advise in an integrated strategy to determine the best solution to fit local needs. We typically go through several rounds of assessments, each focusing on different aspects of the development strategy in order to get a systemic and holistic understanding of how we plug in resources to optimize the development process of local markets.

In the first preliminary assessment, GSR does:

1. GSR prepares (in the US) for the Preliminary Assessment and assembles the team, and then conducts the Preliminary Assessment. The US-based preparation will include, but not be limited to:

· Assemble Preliminary Assessment Team (PAT)—See Note 1

· Mapping

o Topographic

o Watershed

o Satellite

o Climatic regions & modeling

o Soil profiles & growing zones

o Infrastructure

· Country specific research

o Legal and political

o Socio-economic

· In-country logistics

2. Conduct the Preliminary Assessment.

3. Prepare the Preliminary Recommendations Report (PRR)-in the US.

4. Presentation of the PRR (by David Dawes) to GSR’s proposed India partner and the State government Agriculture Dept. and agreement as to candidate sites.

5. Preparation of provisional operational agreements with candidate sites.

6. Preparation for Full Assessment.

7. Conduct Full Assessment.

Presentation of Full Assessment Report (by David Dawes) to GSR’s proposed India partner and the State Government Agriculture Dept

Although some may say this is a rather cumbersome way to do business, if we take the time to grow the economies in the developing world, we will find new partners ready to pitch in the global village.


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