Naturally, you want your investment to make money. But that's not enough - you want to make a difference. The planet must be a better place due to your investment decision.  And the results must be real and compelling. You want to see people who were starving being empowered to achieve prosperity, and whoever sees these people will realize, "Yes! I can do it too!"


GSR builds highly profitable carbon negative village economies. Clusters of carbon negative communities combine to form carbon negative zones. Clusters of conjoined zones network together to cover regions, and then entire countries and finally a green  planet. Today’s massive environmental challenges can not be solved by simply deploying some new technology. It requires active support  and lifestyle change by  large numbers of people. Sustainable bio-remediation practiced by hundreds of millions of people can eventually reverse global climate change. How can we get millions of people to cooperate? GSR is ideal for this because it offers a quick route to a better life for the world’s poorest people.  Networks of prosperous green communities  will wipe out global hunger and social instability. User  friendly economies mean zero unemployment; free vocational training makes that full employment profitable. Social unrest  - whether between communities, regions or nations, can be redirected into building sustainable middle class prosperity for everyone.

You can take an active part in this transformation without losing sight of your business goals. This investment that can help save the planet  is also potentially one of the most profitable.  When a GSR village corporation achieves  strong sustained economic growth, 5000 people are on their way to middle class prosperity.  Multiply this  by a million communities. The potential scope of GSR as an investment is breath-taking.

Investing in Global Transformation


GSR invites investors to participate in  a business that not only has huge profit potential, but can also help millions of people by solving the planet’s most  pressing social and environmental challenges.