Bringing prosperity to millions begins by developing propsperous communities. GSR's community development model is modular. 1000 hectares of farmland and permaculture food forest divided into 50 modules of 20 hectares each with a 200 hectare town center holding warehouses, factories, school, clinic, biomass power station,  sports field and  vocational training center . Each module is home to 16 families and produces $200K of agro products annually. Gross  agricultural  revenues for  the  entire community  are about $10 Million. On top of this, each village corporation will have  one or two medium sized industrial production facilities producing goods that will be marketed outside the community by the GSR Marketing cooperative.  Examples of this are edible oil mills, grain mills, furniture manufacture, value added agricultural processing and soap factories. This brings in further revenues of as much as $20 million per year.  Then the Village Corporation, through the GSR  Village Bank, will provide financing for 30 – 50 small businesses producing goods and services mainly for the community or extended local market of communities in that cluster.  These businesses significantly magnify the buying power of member families. Soap that would cost $3 outside will be available in the Village Store for twenty  cents.  A locally built home that would cost $100,000 outside will be built and financed locally for $100 per month on a 30 year mortgage. This makes it possible , counting all wages, goods and services, for each  family to have an effective baseline annual income  worth about $40,000. Business owners can make much more than this


Using this model,  it is possible for  all social and environmental problems to be erased worldwide within a generation.

 Village Corporation Modular Design

The GSR model  generates strong sustained profitability, and at the same time empowers  millions of rural people to achieve middle class prosperity. Here is how modular design works: