Distribution Services


GSR leverages strong relationships with rural communities to procure top quality fruits, vegetables, spices and value added food products for sale in local, regional and international markets at extremely competitive prices. Our local partners represent an almost unlimited resource capable of fulfilling large scale market requirements. GSR removes the risk for small farmers by guaranteeing the farmers to buy their entire harvest. This produce will be sold locally first, with the surplus sold in larger regional markets at wholesale prices. This prevents inflation in local prices for produce (which would undermine the standard of living of the local communities) and solves their problems of procuring adequate capital and connecting to markets. Our procurement process is based on establishing and empowering farmer’s cooperatives. This accomplishes two important goals:


1. GSR is able to guarantee top quality, low cost produce – slightly above “at the gate” prices, bypassing middlemen and bringing the products directly to market


2. Increasing productivity for small farms – GSR cooperatives make it possible to help its members to increase their productivity by training and establishing infrastructure. And  by financing businesses producing value added food products