Banking Services

GSR  Banking Services is the engine of economic development in the local economy. It ensures a smooth capital flow for farmers, workers , small business owners and the community's most important capital development projects. It provides loans for new local small businesses, new home purchase finance, and connects the fast growing village economy with the network of local villages that comprise the regional economy. It also functions as a connector between the village corporation and international investment funds and makes sure that project funding is handled professionally and cost effectively. GSR Banking Services includes: 

Capital Access - 

GSR establishes rural banking facilities that extend credit for putting crops in the ground, building communal buildings, or beginning industry.

Capital Planning

GSR provides village  corporation personnel training in establishing expertise in business plan formulation and analysis.

forward planning of new crop  target  harvests and small business deployment to maximize capital assets

Banking Facilities

Workers  enjoy direct deposit of wages. farmers and small businesses can deposit revenues and have 24/7 acess to funds

 Contract Management  

GSR Bank acts as a brokerage service for all contracts, making sure that all parties are protected